The APE Award

The Award

The APE Award for Innovation in Scholarly Communication was born to celebrate the 18th birthday of the APE Conference in 2023, and it is going to accompany the conference for the years to come.

This award, supported by Digital Science, will be given to an individual who has brought innovation in scholarly communication to the community, through infrastructure, technology, business models, and output on the topic, theory, or practice.

this prestigious accolade and celebrate the pioneers who shape the future of academic publishing.

The APE Award continues to champion innovation, bringing together visionaries from diverse backgrounds to redefine scholarly communication.

Our 2023 Winner

Vsevolod Solovyov

For his work make referees more discoverable by those who need them and thus helping to ensure that research is correctly and efficiently reviewed.

With groundbreaking advancements in technology and an unwavering commitment to improving scholarly communication, Vsevolod Solovyov work is making waves in the academic publishing community.

Dr Joshua Nicholson
CEO of scite

For his work to extend citations to become more multidimensional and valuable in understanding the nature of a citation.
Dr Vivienne Bachelet
Chair of Evidence-based Medicine, University of Santiago and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Medwave

For her work to create a fully multilingual end-to-end platform for scholarly publication.

The Jury

Our 2023 Judging Panel

On this journey to honor innovation in scholarly publishing, our first ever judging panel consisted of:

  • Dr. Amy Brand, Director, MIT Press
  • Marta Dossi, CEO, Berlin Institute for Scholarly Publishing
  • Daniel Hook, CEO, Digital Science
  • Dr. Veronique Kiermer, Executive Publisher, PLOS
  • Dr. Danny Kingsley, Associate University Librarian, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Mariette DiChristina, Dean, Boston University School of Journalism and ex-Editor of Scientific American

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Who can apply for the APE Award?

    Nominees may include individuals from diverse backgrounds, such as established publishers, start-ups, infrastructure organizations, academic institutions, funders, or independent innovators.

  2. What are the criteria for the award?

    The APE Award seeks to recognize innovation in scholarly communication, encompassing diverse areas such as business models, technology, infrastructure, and contributions to theory and practice.

  3. What does the winner receive?

    The recipient of the APE Award will be granted a prestigious prize package, including 1.000 Euros, a complementary ticket to the APE conference, 500 Euros towards hotel costs, and 1.500 Euros towards travel expenses.