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The APE International Conferences have been organized annually at the beginning of the year without interruption since 2006. During the Covid pandemic, the APE took place virtually for its editions APE 2021 and APE 2022. The conferences bring together all stakeholders in scholarly communications and scientific publishing. The main participants are academic, educational, scientific, technological, medical, and legal publishers, university presses, research funders, researchers, authors, editors, librarians, teachers, learned and professional societies and associations, funding agencies, policy makers, subscription agencies and booksellers, recruiting agencies and technology providers. 

The APE Conferences underline the role of specialized information, promoting the creation, description, and dissemination of research results in the form of publications by universities, colleges, research institutions and scientific societies.

In summer 2020, the Berlin Institute for Scholarly Publishing (BISP), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing publishers, researchers, funders, and policymakers together, took over the logistics for the Academic Publishing in Europe Conference. APE founder Arnoud de Kemp continued supporting the Conference in his role as Chairman of the Program Committee.

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Scholarly Communication & Scientific Publishing

Our aim is to start exciting discussions on scholarly communication and its meaning nowadays.

The APE conferences aim to provide a better understanding of scholarly communication and the role of information in science, education and society. They encourage debate about the future of value-added scientific publishing, information dissemination and access to scientific results and offer an independent forum for open discourse. Become part of the discussion!

Our Team

How to make your perspective broader each year.

The APE Conferences are the result of a team effort: founder Arnoud de Kemp and the high-level Program Committee work together to find the most actual and inspiring topics for all stakeholders in scientific publishing and scholarly communication. With the support of the Berlin Institute for Scholarly Publishing (BISP) and its managing director Marta Dossi, responsible for the coordination of the conference, this board of great minds works to raise new, intriguing questions every year. If you want to give your answer, get your ticket to this year’s edition!
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